Formwork for Workers

Course Title

WSQ Perform Formwork Activities

(previously Formwork Safety Course for Workers)

Course Reference Number CRS-Q-0041068-MF
Course Training Duration (hours) 7.0
Course Fees(before GST and any applicable funding) $120
Funding Validity Period 01 Jul 2020 onwards
Mode of Training (e.g. classroom, blended, e-learning, etc.) Classroom Lecture
Course Objectives To provide participants with the required knowledge to apply skills as a formwork safety worker



ISO 29990:2010 Accredited

Perform Formwork Activities



Participants to facilitate and safely construct, erect, alter and dismantle the formwork structures at any worksite.


  • State the applicable legal and other requirements for formwork and working-at-height
  • List the roles of a worker in formwork installation, alteration and dismantling
  • State the types of formwork used in the industry
  • Apply basic risk assessment for formwork activities
  • Identify hazards associated with formwork activities
  • Observe safety and health measures for formwork activities formwork activities
  • Use appropriate Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) for formwork activities and Working-At-Height

Who to Attend: Formwork workers

Legal Requirement:
WSH (Construction) Regulations 2007 Reg. 9 stipulates that any person who carries out manual work in a worksite shall have received adequate safety and health training for the purpose of familiarizing the person with the hazards associated with such work and the precautions to be observed

Pre-Requisite: Workplace Literacy Level 3

Assessment: Written and Practical

Attendance: 100%

Certification: Successful participants will earn the certificate and safety card (Participants are suggested to attend our halfday Formwork Refresher course)

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