E-Learning Developers in Singapore

Our developers have created SCORM modules for various LMS hosted by companies like Gulf Air, PepsiCo, and GlaxoSmithKline for various topics across safety and service related topics

Our expertise is in contextualizing and creating professional content to deliver superb training experience for all levels of employees.


Our e-Learning services include:
  • Setting up your Learning Management System
  • Analysing your existing content
  • Consultation with you and our DACE certified e-Developer to extract selected e-modules
  • Entire development lifecycle(green screen video recordings, quiz creation,powerpoint conversions, audio recording)
E-Learning projects can be developed in 4 various levels of detail/interactivity:
  • Passive: The course is linear and could be considered basic training, in which the learner acts
    only as an information receiver.
  • Limited interaction: The learner has more control over their training; they can do more than
    just watch, read and navigate.
  • Moderate interaction: The learner has more control over their training and perceives the
    course as a participative and dynamic activity and not just a presentation of content.
  • Full immersion: The learner has the highest degree of interaction.


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