Basic English Course for Migrant Workers

Basic conversational english course for foreign employees

Who is this for?
Migrant workers (Bengali,Tamil,China and other nationalities who are keen to learn basic English for personal/working use)

What are the main topics of the course?

  • ABC, common words and phrases in Singapore
  • Numbers and time
  • Greetings, introductions and farewells
  • Simple instructions, forms, notices and posters for workplaces and public areas
  • Telephone conversation & telephone message practice
  • “WH” questions
  • Know your jobs, tools and office equipment
  • Idioms and guided writing
  • What is Singlish and how to use it in Singapore

Assessment Methods:

Learners will need to pass Written and Oral tests to be competent in this course

Entry requirements:

Fees: S$250(before GST)

Duration: 12hrs(2 days)

Language: All course materials and tests in basic English

Register online

or call 62924804 for further enquiries