Audio Visual Technician

What is the basis for this course?

Audio Visual (AV) technicians set up and run the sound and video equipment used to conduct live events such as meetings, sports games, business conventions, and concerts.
They mix soundboards, play video recordings, enhance lighting, and coordinate graphics. As such, it is important that these staff attend certifiable training to validate their skillset before deploying on the job.

This course helps learners to execute the installation of broadcast systems and infrastructure to meet broadcast event requirements set by a customer.



Audio Visual Technician Course Outline:

• Functionalities and operations of broadcast systems and equipment

• Technical design and equipment specifications

• Installation procedures and techniques for broadcast systems and equipment

• Tools required for installation of broadcast systems and equipment

• Testing parameters for broadcast systems and equipment

• Documentation required for installation, testing, and configuration of broadcast systems

• Workplace safety and health guidelines to be followed when working with broadcast equipment, software, and systems

When it comes to setting up broadcast systems, it’s all about ensuring they meet your needs and work smoothly. That’s why evaluating technical designs is so important – it helps pinpoint exactly what functionalities and operations are required for a seamless installation. 

Working closely with vendors is key here, as they can assist with testing, configuring, and fine-tuning the systems to perfection. Using the right tools for the job, especially when it comes to networking, ensures everything connects just right. 

And of course, safety always comes first – following workplace guidelines keeps everyone safe and sound. Don’t forget to document your tests and results in your information systems – it’s not just good practice, it’s also valuable for keeping track of how everything’s working.

Pre-RequisiteAll participants must be able to understand basic English
LocationSerangoon, Woodlands, Kaki Bukit or Customer Premises
AssessmentWritten and Practical test
Duration2 day (16hr)
Course Fee$650 before GST
Course LanguageEnglish and other languages upon request
CertificationDigital Certificate Issued by AAT Training Hub, valid for 24 months from date of issue
FundingNot available


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