Safe Loading For Goods Transport Vehicles

Course Outline:

  • Introduction
  1. Workplace Safety Health Act
  2. Risk assessment plan for load transporters
  3. Case studies on local and international accidents
  4. Need for cargo securing
  5. Mass and weight/centre of gravity/G-Force
  6. Choice of vehicle/multi modal
  7. Acceleration forces exerted by the cargo
  • Vehicle body structure and equipment suitable for blocking on vehicles
  • Restraining methods and restraining accessories
  • Calculating the number of lashings
  • Inspection during drive/Multidrop operations
  • Standardised or semi-standardised cargo (geometrical forms)
  • Requirements for some specific loads
  • Handson on various aspects of securing loads
  • Written Summative Assessment
  • Practical Summative Assessment

Target Audience:

Lorry/truck operators and truck assistants for any industries


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