Relationship-building for Business Networking

Course Overview

Participants will learn and understand how to approach a mix of business and social situations more confidently, build rapport in various work-related contexts, and learn the art of conversation. They will practice using the application of tools and techniques to help them be more confident in meeting new people and establishing rapport to facilitate effective communication at work and in their personal lives. 

Learning Units​

  1. This course will be conducted in 1 day and consists of roleplays and group discussions

    1. Fundamentals of building trust and establishing rapport
      What defines relationship-building and understanding why it is essential to success in one’s career and personal life
    2. Preparing to Network
      What to talk about, intentional planning of questions
    3. Learning the Art of Conversation
      Starting and Ending Conversations, etiquette (Do’s and Don’ts), how to banter and make small talk
    4. Relationship-building
      Maintaining contact, building lasting relationships with the personal touch, and using social media to widen your reach
  2. Familiarize yourself with narrow aisle operation if applicable.

  3. Know the emergency procedures and how to handle unforeseen situations.

  4. Stay updated with ongoing training and manufacturer’s guidelines.

Who Is This Course For?

Working professionals and anyone interested to learn how to improve business etiquette

Relationship-building for Business Networking


Duration: 8 hours

Language: English


  • 137 Cecil Street

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Upon fulfilling the course requirements with a minimum attendance rate of 100% and demonstrating proficiency in the assessments, candidates will be awarded a

  • Certificate of Completion from AAT Training Hub


Working professionals

Upon successful completion of the course, you will receive

  • Certificate of Completion from AAT Training Hub

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About your facilitator:

Ms Ashley Siow

Ashley is an editor and communications specialist who inspires executives, managers and leaders 

to build connections in the workplace. 

With a background in journalism and more than 20 years working in the arts as an editorial and marketing consultant, 

Ashley believes in the power of storytelling to inspire people to change the way they think about communicating. 

Her relational skills have helped many young adults navigate the complexities of the working world.