Operate Reach Truck Refresher

Operate Reach Truck Refresher

Workplaces like warehouses deploy many stackers/reach trucks for the logistics operations in narrow aisles for organising products safely and quickly. It is therefore important that all warehousing staff are well trained by our expert lift truck trainers; who will guide you staff in various aspects of the safety of the reach truck.

operate reach truck refresher
Pre-Requisite Operators who already have a reach truck license from AAT or machine manufacturer
Location Customer Premises
Assessment 1hr Practical assessment
Duration 4hrs
Course Fee $140
Course Language English and other languages upon request
Certification Digital Certificate Issued by AAT Training Hub, valid for 24 months from date of issue
Funding Not available


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Warehouse operations are a crucial component of modern logistics and supply chain management. 

The efficient organization and management of products within a warehouse environment significantly impact the overall productivity and safety of the operation. In this context, the deployment of stackers and reach trucks plays a pivotal role in ensuring that products are stored, retrieved, and moved within narrow aisles with utmost efficiency and safety.

Stackers and reach trucks are specialized pieces of equipment designed for the vertical movement and handling of goods within a confined space. They are particularly well-suited for warehouses where space is at a premium and where the need for high-density storage is paramount. To harness the full potential of these machines while ensuring the safety of both personnel and products, it is essential that all warehousing staff receive comprehensive training from expert lift truck trainers.

The training of warehousing staff in the operation of reach trucks and stackers is a multifaceted process that encompasses various aspects of safety, efficiency, and proficiency. Expert lift truck trainers are individuals who possess in-depth knowledge and experience in handling and operating these specialized vehicles. Their role is pivotal in imparting the necessary skills and knowledge to warehouse personnel to ensure smooth and secure operations.

One of the primary areas of focus during training is safety. Safety is of paramount importance in any warehouse environment, particularly when dealing with heavy machinery like reach trucks and stackers. Expert trainers educate staff on safety protocols, including proper equipment operation, load handling techniques, and the use of safety features and equipment such as seat belts, mirrors, and lights.

Moreover, trainers emphasize the importance of maintaining a clear and organized workspace within the warehouse. This involves teaching staff about the significance of maintaining orderly aisles, properly stacking goods, and adhering to weight and height restrictions when handling loads. Clear visibility and unobstructed access are vital for the safe operation of reach trucks and stackers.