Enrolment Policies

Course Enrolment methods

Payment Mode

All payments must be in cash/cheque/online payable to
AAT Training Hub Pte. Ltd.”  or PayNow to 200503548R
before commencement of course.
Only participants who have paid in full are allowed to attend the course.
For some courses, full payment is required before the competency documents can be issued.


  • Claims to be given to our administrator before start of class
  • Please retain the receipt for this purpose.


  • Applicable to only these courses:
    • IATA DGR
    • $100 fee applies for each change requested.
  • Our course administrator will give you the confirmed date via email


For no-show on the course date:100% of course fee will be charged and no appeals for rescheduling will be entertained.

For cancellation requests/reschedule notice given by email less than 3 working  days before course start date:50% of course fee will be charged/no refund will be given.

For cancellation requests/reschedule notice
given by email more than 4 working days before course start date: Full amount will be refunded.

Please ensure that you are available for all the selected dates of the course.

The maximum reschedule allowed is 1 time, and notice must be given to us via email at least 3 days before the course start date. If the participant is no-show on the rescheduled batch, full payment is required as per above terms.

Do note that make-up/replacement sessions when a batch has started will cost an additional $150(no funding, before GST). This is regardless of absentism reason(MC/AWOL etc)


  • Replacements are allowed. This request must be made in email or personally at our office
  • Replacements will be assigned to the next available course date and subject to availability
  • Requests for replacement participants must be made at least 7 days before course commencement. Any replacements made less than 7 days before the course commencement will be charged 20% of the course fee


All appeals for course results pertaining to training matters must be in writing to Training Director, within 48hrs after the result to the Admin office by Email:admin@aattraininghub.com


Singapore Citizens/PR are eligible to claim for government funding. Companies must submit online application for training grant to SSG. 


WSQ courses:
For 1 day courses: 100% attendance is required to be eligible for exam

For 2 days or more courses: 75% attendance is required to be eligible for exam

Absenteeism recognized only with official documents only like Medical Certificate or excuse Letter from Employer.

Participants may be asked to do ‘make up’ sessions to meet the attendance requirements, a cost of $150(no funding, no GST) applies.


Morning: Arrive after 9.30am- not allowed to sign on the AM attendance
Afternoon: Arrive after 1.30pm- not allowed to sign on the PM attendance

Above contributes to student’s AM(4hrs) and/or PM(4hrs) absence records


All participants and their employers may be requested by AAT to provide feedback on the benefits of the training after the course has completed.
For SSG funded courses, you may also be requested to do the TRAQOM survey(administered by SSG’s vendor)

Course Confirmation

Direct Applications: A confirmation letter will be sent to you to confirm the course (based on the email you provided during registration).
Company Registration: Your officer in charge will receive a confirmation letter from us via email.
Please bring this confirmation letter on the first day of the course.


  • A copy of the Singapore police report and any form of
    photo identification(NRIC, Driving License, Passport , Work Permit etc.) is required for ALL courses
    except IATA DGR
  • Customers should call us or email us to request for a replacement pass or certificate before coming to the branch
  • Please make a call to check if the office is open before coming.
  • Replacement fee for 1 damaged safety card: $20
  • Reprint fee for 1 lost safety card: $40
  • Reprint fee for 1 certificate: $40
  • Resending fee for e-Certificate: Free
  • Please allow at least 7 working days for processing
  • Student must come in person to collect the card


  • By submitting your data to us via the registration platforms, you consent to AAT Training Hub sending you relevant course updates and promotions
  • We also reserve the right to use your photo during training for our advertising purposes
  • View the detailed PDPA policy here

Records Retention

For any required re-prints of safety cards, please be advised that we will only be able to retrieve records for the 3 years prior to the date of enquiry.

Post Course Grievances

We do not entertain post course grievances more than 5 working days from the date of your assessment.
Do ensure that your feedback is being indicated on the evaluation form and/or highlight your grievance during the course/ before the certification process is completed. We reserve the right not to entertain unfounded greivances.


Our administration staff will print your certificate and authorization cards for your collection once you have received the notification from our office. This is typically more than 7 days after the course assessment.
If you would like us to use registered mail to post the certificate/card to you, there is an administrative cost of $5.35 payable.


  • Candidatess who wish to re-test will need to pay 50% of the total course fees for the re-test(same day/other day)


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