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Our VR developers and educators create realistic applications that brings a new dimension to learning and infotainment use. Leaders in developing Workplace Safety Virtual Reality applications for Multinationals and Enterprises of all sizes.

We also do regionalization for Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, Myanmar, Vietnam and majority of other international languages.

Our programmers are:
  • Diploma in Adult and Continuing Education certified (e-Learning major)
  • ACTA certified
  • Workplace Safety Officers (Singapore)
  • Extensive e-learning deployment experience
  • Successfully deployed mobile applications for blended learning(workplace/technology enabled learning)
  • Curriculum modification for e-learning/technology enabled competency based learning deployment
  • Industry domain experts with current knowledge and abilities.

Our design team is active in the Singapore WSQ/LSP/MOM training industry and are up to date with local and regional industry requirements

We help organizations with project consultation and development for VR:

  • Corporate training modules aligned to your curriculum
  • Safety courses contextualized to Workplace Safety Council(Ministry of Manpower Singapore),OSHA,IOSH) standards
  • Photo-realistic environment development for deployment on the latest headsets
  • 360 degree walkthrough videos with interaction points
  • Learning metrics backed by a reliable dashboard accessible via your internet browser for monitoring learner
  • Natural hand tracking module is available for more sophisticated immersive programs

Modular safety topics:

  • Confined Space Safety
  • Lifting Operations
  • PPE inspections
  • Working at Heights
  • Heavy Vehicle Driving
  • Traffic Management
  • Fire Safety
  • Hot Work Safety
  • Trench Safety
  • Electrical Safety
  • Personal Wellness and Hygiene Training

Trusted by Our Esteemed Customers:

Mr Chee
Mr Chee
Director-Safety Department
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Our safety training module was so successful, we were even nominated for a local technology award.The module continues to help train our staff in the region, and naturally, we followed up with further developments using data for analytics and improved our ability to drive the safety message
Lum Chang
Lum Chang
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We’ve quickly deployed a lifting operations, traffic management, work at heights, and personal wellness VR app for a holistic learning experience for our workers within 3 months! Even won local safety awards for the idea. Fantastic experience working with the AAT team from conception to deployment!
Mr Ng
Mr Ng
Senior Manager-Safety Department
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Glad we selected AAT Training Hub to develop our VR solution, their subject matter expertise in safety training and technology delivery helped us deploy our quickly and effectively!


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Work at Height/Construction Safety

Training module for construction sites


Emergency Responder VR

Training for Fire Safety and Evacuation as per CERT requirements

Electrical Safety VR

Training for technicians, supervisors and any electrical workers in switchrooms,server rooms, data centres

Lifting Operations

Actual site operations training module

MHE Driver

Competency based training package for warehouse workers and forklift/reach truck operators

Work at Heights Training

Training module for construction sites

Warehouse Operations

Actual warehouse operations training module

Warehouse Operations

360 video site orientation module

Hardware Setup

Material Handling Training

Project Consultancy from Prototyping to Delivery

Have you been wondering where to go to get amazing quality virtual reality training tools for your jobsite? Well, you are in the right place! I would like to introduce you to AAT Training Hub a VR Developer in Singapore.

Our services are numerous! Services include: Virtual Reality Solutions, VR/AR Development services in Singapore, Emergency Response VR, Work at Height Construction Safety Virtual Reality, Dangerous Goods Practice Virtual Reality, MHE Driver VR, Electrical Safety VR, Lifting Operations VR, 360 Virtual Tour Development Singapore, VR Rental for Corporate / Private Events and many more.

Virtual reality is truly one of the best ways to have realistic training for your workforce.

Digital Reality

Digital reality has come a very long way during the last couple of years, but for the large part its triumphs still revolve around the feeling of sight. It utilizes wearable headsets which, when worn, displays a virtual environment which gives you the perception that you are actually there within the virtual space. Projection-based augmented reality includes projecting an image onto a tangible 3D model, as a way to make it even more realistic.

Backed by Research

Researchers claim Virtual reality can offer a safe atmosphere for everyone to learn the way to deal with busy and stressful circumstances. Now, for training purposes, virtual reality is an amazing technology; in line with your government’s requirements.

For example, when training Emergency Responders, it can even mean the difference between life or death. Emergency responders are able to be put into very stressful situations and are allowed to make decisions (which they can learn from) without risking their own lives in the process, therefore, virtual environments work nicely in all applications.

The digital environment not only looks like the actual world, it also consists of interactive elements that will react to the user’s actions.
Digital reality environments are accessible with the assistance of VR headsets.

It is a lot cheaper and less riskier to make mistakes in a virtual world than on a worksite, and VR allows the user to experience working conditions in the safety of a training area.
The technology is swiftly getting more economical than traditional mechanisms, and it’s already a lot more realistic. Contact AAT Training Hub to find out the many applications of virtual reality for your company.

We are the experts in the field, the best VR developer in Singapore and we are standing by to assist you.