WSQ Respond To Fire Incident In Workplace-RFIW (Tier 3)

Who needs to attend CERT Training?
On 1st Sept 2013 the Fire Safety Act was amended to include all premises with Fire Safety Managers must set up a Company Emergency Response Team(CERT).

Training Requirement for CERT Members. Site Incident Controller and Response Team Members

WSQ Respond to Fire Incident in Workplace (1 day) [For tier 3 premises] RFIW

Public and Industrial premises that meet any of the following criteria are required to have an FSM and a CERT:

Public Premises:
  • 9 storeys or more(includes basement)
  • Gross floor area of 5000sqm or more
  • Designed occupancy load of 1000 persons or more
  • Licensed by Ministry of Health as a Hospital
Industrial Premises:
  • Gross floor area of 5000sqm or more
  • Designed occupancy load of 1000 persons or more

(Emergency Response & Crisis Management Training)

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Course Title Respond to Fire Incident in Workplace
Course Reference Number CRS-Q-0027906-PI
Course Training Duration (hours) 8.5
Course Fees(before GST and any applicable funding) $200
Funding Validity Period 01 Jan 2019 to 07 Feb 2022
Mode of Training (e.g. classroom, blended, e-learning, etc.)

6 hours:
Theory lecture


2.5 hours:
Practical Performance and Assessment

Course Objectives

(Face to Face, onsite at 24 Woodlands Loop)

Interpret emergency response legislation and guidelines

Identify fire hazard scenarios and conduct situation assessment

Demonstrate use of fire protection systems in the workplaces

Respond to fire incidents using various extinguishing mediums

Handover incident and provide operational assistance to the appropriate body

Target Audience:
Staff,Supervisors and Managers assigned to be the SIC (Site Incident Controller) or Emergency Response Team member for their facility
(Tier 3, facilities listed in the CERT requirements by SCDF)

Prior Knowledge Required: No prior knowledge required


  • A Statement of Attainment (SOA) from SSG/SCDF will be awarded upon successful course assessment.
  • 10 CPD points awarded by SCDF for FSM-CPD Program (ensure to inform us at least 7 days prior to the course)

Practical Training Location: 24, Woodlands Loop, S738285

Trainer’s Profiles:
Local experts in Emergency Management,Chemical Handling and Asset Protection in Hotels,Hospitals, Retail Centres,Manufacturing, Oil & Gas and Logistics facilities

Failure to form a CERT:

The owner or occupier of the premises can be found guilty of an offence and is liable for a fine not exceeding $10,000 or imprisonment not exceeding 6 months or BOTH.



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