WSQ Develop a WSH Management Plan
(bizSAFE 4)

Candidates who are tasked to develop WSHMS(like ISO45001) for the workplace will learn how to:

  • Develop a workplace risk management plan to implement the hazard identification, risk  assessment, and risk control measures in accordance with organizational WSH policy

  • Establish hazard identification methodology for the workplace 

  • Establish risk assessment methodology for the workplace

  • Establish risk control measures methodology for the workplace

  • Verify the expectations of a risk management champion with relevant person in  accordance with organizational WSH polic

  • Form a risk management team based on organizational WSH policy and in compliance  with WSH (Risk Management) Regulation’s requirements

  • Present the risk management plan to relevant stakeholders

Competency in this course allows for candidates to be Risk Assessment champions for their companies, regardless of industry.

You will be able to create Risk Management teams and ensure your company is protected by mitigating risks.

This course is for

  • WSH managers, WSH Officers, Risk Management Champions, Line Managers, Engineers, Supervisors, Risk Management Team Leaders and Risk Assessment Team Leaders and any Personnel responsible for Risk Management in their workplaces. 

  • Assumed Skills and Knowledge:

    • Recommended for the trainee to be competent to WSQ ESS Workplace Literacy and Numeracy (WPLN) Level 6 (Tertiary Levels )

Course Duration

  • 30 hours (online/face to face course)

Course Assessment

  • Written assessment

    • 10 MCQs & 5 Short Answer Questions

    • Written Assignment

Course Language

  • English

Course Fee(before GST)

  • $520 (before applicable funding)

Certificate Type and Validity

  • WSQ Statement of Attainment

  • TSC Code: WPH-WSH-4075-1.1 Workplace Safety and Health Control Measure

  • Certificate does not expire

Topics covered during the course:

  • Organizational WSH policy

  • WSH (Risk Management Regulations) requirements

  • Expectations of a Risk Management (RM) Champion

  • Risk management process

  • Risk assessment plan

  • Hazard identification methodology

  • Classification of WSH hazards

  • Hazards associated with tools, equipment, materials and machines

  • Hazards associated with work processes/activities, workplace conditions and environment

  • At-risk behaviour

  • Concept of risk assessment

  • Risk assessment methodology

  • Risk control measures methodology

  • Concept of ALARP

  • Development of risk management plan

  • How to communicate the implemented risk control measures