ICDL International Computer Driving Licence
Microsoft Excel

The Spreadsheets module covers the main concepts and skills needed to use spreadsheets, such as tasks associated with developing, formatting, modifying, and using a spreadsheet.

Organising and analysing data using a spreadsheet application produces useful insights for all types of organisation. In addition to using standard formulas and functions, this module covers visualisation of data through creating and formatting graphs or charts.

The analysis of numerical data is an important activity in a wide range of job roles. Accountants, project managers, sales executives, engineers – and many more – rely
on spreadsheets to carry out crucial calculations.

Develop the key skills needed to organise and analyse data using spreadsheet software

Duration: 16 hours

Fees: $400 (before GST)

Funding: pending

What you will learn:

Successful candidates will be able to use a spreadsheet application to create and work with spreadsheets. After passing this module, candidates will feel confident entering, moving, editing, and deleting data, as well as performing common spreadsheet tasks. They will be able to:

  • understand the key concepts of spreadsheets
  • use available help resources and shortcuts to enhance productivity
  • recognise good practice in inserting, editing, and deleting data
  • apply a range of mathematical and logical formulas and functions
  • know how to communicate information using charts and graphs

Why certify with ICDL?

  • ICDL certification is internationally recognised by employers and institutions
  • ICDL modules are developed with input from computer users, subject matter experts, and practising professionals from all over the world
    The regularly updated syllabus content reflects day-to-day tasks and responsibilities typical of job roles
  • ICDL modules focus on skills acquisition as well as an understanding of concepts
  • ICDL syllabus content is vendor-independent so that skills and knowledge are transferable
  • ICDL has rigorous Quality Assurance Standards (QAS) and regular quality audits are conducted internally and externally

AAT offers the following courses in Singapore:

Office Skills:

  • WORD BASE – building block towards document editing skills
  • PRESENTATIONS BASE – building block towards presentation skills
  • SPREADSHEETS-BASE – building block towards database management
  • SPREADSHEETS ADVANCED – building block towards database management and managing internal data systems


Programming and Design Skills:

  • IMAGE EDITING– as an introductory program towards Digital Marketing
  • DIGITAL MARKETING – to educate learners on how to use Digital Marketing for selling
  • COMPUTING – basic Python course leading towards our in-house game/software development course


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