Online DGR e-Learning

Since most people have instant access to the internet, we thought, why not bring DGR learning to you. From the comfort of the nearest desk, you can enroll into a DGR class and master the in’s and out’s of Dangerous Goods Regulations. This online e-learning class serves to equip you with skills you’ll require further […]

Forklift Course

Singapore’s stringent standards means all construction workers must be completely equipped with the necessary scaffolding education. This allows workers to perform efficiently and safely at the work site. AAT Training Hub Pte. Ltd. provides this training…

IATA Dangerous Goods Courses

Hundreds of students have walked thru our doors having been trained by the lead instructor who has over 2 decades of experience. Countries in the region also continually call upon AAT Training Hub Pte. Ltd. to instruct staff members.

Rigger and Signalman Training

Rigger and Signalman courses which train and equip construction and manufacturing workers with essential skills are available at AAT Training Hub Pte. Ltd. Every year hundreds of students are trained in accordance with the highest government standards.

WSQ Operate Forklift Training Courses

AAT Training Hub Pte. Ltd. is Singapore’s first Forklift training provider successfully providing detailed training to eager students of this essential vehicle used in numerous factories, warehouses and construction sites.