What is it?

Our customized corporate training service is a targeted and clearly mapped training program which directly addresses the needs of your staff

Why go for customized training packages?

Well, the “cookie cut” standard programs sometimes don’t address the actual needs of organisations. The content may not directly address competency gaps within companies.

What can AAT Training Hub do for you?

Our developers have more than 20 years of training and development experience in Singapore and the region. Our customers have been coming to us for standard training packages and customized packages ever since we started operations. Our team of dedicated English speakers upgrade and revise courseware to enhance your staff’s learning curve.
Our developers and trainers are officially certified to support companies in their learning efforts.

How long will these courses take?

We understand business and operational contraints when staff are on course, therefore we work with HR representatives to ensure a short duration covers all essential modules of a program.

Are these kinds of projects going to cost a fortune?

No. Because of our expertise and experience in development work within the Singapore government and international frameworks, our customized courses don’t deviate far from the standard pricing. Small businesses of less than 10 staff and even large multinationals have benefited from our custom training modules.

An example of a customized course for Logistics Staff, completed within 5 working days


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