WSQ Operate forklift-3days

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Course Title WSQ OPERATE FORKLIFT MF-LOG-106E-2 (3days)
Course Reference Number CRS-Q-0022616-MF
Course Training Duration (hours) 24
Course Fees(before GST and any applicable funding) $350
Funding Validity Period 13 Mar 2019 to 01 Oct 2019
Mode of Training (e.g. classroom, blended, e-learning, etc.) Classroom lecture
Practical Performance
Course Objectives Parts of forklift
Types of forklifts
Pre Operations checklist
Understand load centres
Stability triangle/CG/Gradient check,Load checks Labels,signages
Perform basic risk assessments
Follow WSH Act and SS573





AAT Training Hub was the 1st pioneering private WSQ operate forklift training provider in Singapore to conduct forklift courses in Singapore.
With our extensive experience in this course, we give you a high level of training quality so that your workplace will be safe for forklift operations.
To date we have trained over 15,000 participants in the safe operations of the forklift!



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Target Audience:

Warehouse/Logistics/Marine/Workshop/Construction staff of all levels and backgrounds and everyone who is keen on obtaining an official, professional forklift licence to drive forklifts in Singapore.

Our professional trainers are certified by the workforce development agency Singapore, with more than 10 years of forklift training experience.

Benefit from our state of the art training facility and learning methods!

Types Of Forklift Courses Available:
(Free Photo ID card for successful candidates who attain competency)

WSQ Forklift Course with approved driving licence

You can attend this WSQ Forklift course if you have a valid Singapore driving licence.

Course Outline:

CE1 : Prepare to Carry Out Forklift Operations
CE2 : Inspection of Forklift
CE3 : Carrying Out Forklift Operations
CE4 : Reinstate and Handover Forklift

The course includes an MCQ Test on the first day, and Practical Test on the last day to determine competency of the candidate.

Please note that this official WSQ Forklift course is the current standard required for forklift drivers in Singapore and is a requirement under the Ministry of Manpower -Factories Act of Singapore.

Candidates are required to bring their own safety shoes for practical training sessions on Day 2 onwards.

Please call us at 62924804 if you need any clarification on this and other course.
Our friendly course administrators are ready to assist and support you in your learning and upgrading efforts.

You may apply for training incentives at Skillsconnect(companies) and Skillsfuture(individuals)

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