Identifying Fraud

This course helps HR officers and managers understand and redefine the importance of their roles.

It provides practical approaches that participants can use to increase their own effectiveness in detecting and responding to fraud, as well as help management fight dishonest and fraudulent activity.

Human resource officers have a variety of requirements to manage their staff, and one of the most important requirements is the management of fraud, and to protect their company’s interest and safety.

These responsibilities can range from limited involvement to complete responsibility for the internal investigation and reporting to law enforcement.

Course Outline:

  • ​Fraud Concepts and Challenges
  • Your Government Environment
  • Fraud Detection
  • The Impact of Technology on Fraud
  • Challenges Related to Purchasing and Contracting
  • Investigative Response
  • Practical Approaches to Prevention


Duration: 4 hours

Fees: $200 per delegate


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