Fundamendals Of Finance: A Course For Non-Finance Executives

Fundamentals of Finance

This bite sized course is aimed at executives and support staff who need an understanding of finance in their companies

Why is this an important asset?

Because everyone in every company needs to be able to work according to driving profits. No company wants to operate on a plateau, where staff have no idea of the financial impact of their actions on a daily basis.


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Outline :

  • Understand the basic principles, terminology and building blocks of financial control;
  • Understand the main financial statements, how they relate to one another and how they can be manipulated as useful management data;
  • Appreciate budgeting as a planning and control too;
  • Recognise different types of cost and how costs can be controlled;
  • Differentiate between cash flow, profit and net worth;
  • Appreciate the financial implications of plans and decisions.

Duration:  1 day