WSQ Manage work at heights

Course Title WSQ Manage Work At Height (MWAH)
Course Reference Number CRS-Q-0041067-MF
Course Training Duration (hours) 20.5
Course Fees(before GST and any applicable funding) $350
Funding Validity Period 01 Jul 2020 onwards
Mode of Training Classroom Lecture & Practical
Course Objectives

To provide participants with the requisite WAH supervisory knowledge so that they can perform their WAH supervision tasks properly and safely

Reference Number:
1120-1121/18 (expiry 31 March 2021)

SDU 20 points for WSHO


(Approved by MOM and SSG)

ISO 29993:2017 Accredited

Manage Work at Heights (MWAH)



Designed to meet the regulatory standard for Working at Height Training for Supervisors, Assessors or Managers in Singapore, as recommended in the WSH (Work at Heights) Regulations 2013 and the Approved Code of Practice for Working Safely at Height (2011).


  • Identify, explain and apply Legal requirements, Approved Code of Practice and Standards for WAH
  • Identify Roles and Responsibilities of various stakeholders
  • Identify hazards, evaluate risk, and implement WAH activities
  • Fall preventive / protective control measures for safe execution of WAH activates
  • Establish, evaluate, review and implement a Fall Prevention Plan
  • Establish and implement a system for an effective monitoring and control of WAH risks
  • Demonstrate competency in checking and correcting of Individual Fall Protection Equipment and First Line Response in an emergency

Who to Attend:
Persons involved in the supervision, assessment and/or management of WAH activities. This course is a replacement for the superceded WAH_Supervisors/Assessors course.

(a) WPLN Level4 and above, or equivalent
(b) Ability to carry out hazards identification, risk assessment, and risk control measures

Assessment: Written and Practical

Attendance: 100% required

SDF Funding Available: Up to 90%, Subject to SSG requirements

Language: All course materials and tests in English(WPLN Level 4)

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