Building Construction Supervisors Safety Course (BCSS)

(Available till 30th Apr 2022)

(Formerly BCSS – Building Construction Supervisor Safety Course)

The Supervise Construction Work for WSH (BCSS) is a compulsory training course for construction workers who are assigned to the role of a supervisor in the construction industry.

This Competency Unit specifies the knowledge skills and attitudes required of a Building Construction Supervisor to oversee or supervise any work or process carried out in a worksite safely and without any risk to health.


Regulation 9 of the Workplace Safety And Health (Construction)Regulations states that:

(2) It shall be the duty of —
(a) the employer of any person who carries out oversight or supervisory work in a worksite; or
(b) the principal under whose direction any person carries out oversight or supervisory work in a worksite, to ensure that the person does not oversee or supervise any work (including any process) in the worksite unless the person has received adequate safety and health training to ensure that the work which the person oversees or supervises can be carried out safely.

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Previously (WSQ Supervise Construction Work for WSH / BCSS)

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Course Reference NumberTGS-2017500257
Course Training Duration (hours)32
Course Fees(before GST and any applicable funding)$300
Funding Validity Period01 Jan 2019 to 30 Apr 2022
Mode of Training (e.g. classroom, blended, e-learning, etc.)Classroom lecture

Course Objectives

Explain and interpret salient WSH legislations and other requirements relevant to construction industry Describe the WSH duties and responsibilities of a supervisor in construction industry
Assist in safety and health planning and organisation at worksite
Identify WSH hazards, evaluate and control risks in construction industry in accordance with risk management process
Carry out WSH inspections in accordance with organisational inspection procedures
Conduct incident investigation and prepare report in accordance with legal requirements and other organisational requirements

After the migration to the WSQ system, the new title for this course is:
Supervise Construction Work in Workplace Safety and Health (SCWWSH)

Entry Requirement:

Singaporeans: Completed Secondary 2 in an MOE registered school OR Completed the Employability Skills-WSQ WPLN 4
Malaysians: Completed Form 3
Indian Nationals: Completed Secondary School Leaving Certificate
Bangladeshi Nationals: Completed Secondary School Certificate

You will be required to pass our in-house English written & verbal test to be allowed to attend the English class.

Audience: This module will be relevant to Construction Site Supervisor, Clerk-of-work, Foreman, Site engineer, WSH Coordinator, WSH Supervisor or individuals who undertake the role of a supervisor in the construction industry.


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