Web Developer Course

An Introduction to Web Design and Development

Learn web technologies like: HTML,PHP,JavaScript,Bootstrap,Git,Figma,Bubble to buildyour website up in no time!


Job Outlook

  • From 2018-2028, the job outlook for web developers is expected to increase by 13% much faster than the average. (Source: Occupational Outlook Handbook)
  • Web developer jobs are listed as one of the top 10 best low-stress, high-paying jobs. (Source: U.S. News)
  • The top 20% of web developers earn a salary of over USD126,000. (Source: CareerExplorer)

In this workshop, you will learn how to quickly do:

  • Prototyping
  • Project Planning and PMP methods
  • Installing your own server
  • Creating your website
  • Testing your website
  • Deploying your website
  • Introduction to further technologies
Includes refreshments and WiFi, bring your own laptop

We want to give you a jumpstart into the world of programming

Empowering you to create your own awesome web-apps.

Focus on the essentials. Learn about the job roles and skills most essential to web application production, and gain experience that directly maps to creating your own website

Build and deploy a working web site. Develop an end-to-end understanding of web production by building your own production ready web site. Learn hands-on as you follow our course and execute web-development tasks covering everything from frameworks, security, design heuristics and even ethics! 

Explore A Career As A Web Developer

Who should attend

  • Aspiring web developers who want to build full-stack, database-driven web applications to solve real-world problems
  • Anyone with an interest in learning the basics of web application design and development
  • Professionals with some coding experience but new to web app development


  • A keen sense to learn,unlearn and relearn
  • Your own laptop


About the Trainers

Our trainers are qualified web developers who have taught various development courses in the above languages and frameworks

Class Location: Little India Arcade

Course Title Web Developer Course
Course Reference Number NA
Course Training Duration (hours) 8 sessions of 3 hrs 
Course Fees(before GST and any applicable funding) $2550 (before GST)
Funding Validity Period NA
Mode of Training (e.g. classroom, blended, e-learning, etc.) Classroom lecture
Practical Performance
Course Objectives
  • Prototyping and UX/CX
  • Project Planning
  • Front end development
  • Introduction to databases
  • Compiling your application
  • Setting up your own server
  • Running tests and Deploying your server


Click here to register or dial: 6292 4804