WSQ Apply 5S Techniques
SkillsConnect Reference:CRS-Q-0011792-MF

This module specifies the knowledge and application skills needed for an employee to Apply 5S Techniques (a structured approach to housekeeping) to their own job and work area. This will include Clearing unnecessary items from work area, Organising work area in an orderly manner, Cleaning work area, Maintaining work area cleanliness and Maintaining self-discipline in work area.

apply 5s

Target Audience:

All workers especially for the technical and operations-related jobs in manufacturing, logistics, real estate maintenance and management, and service-related technical sectors.

Course Outline:

  1. Conduct SEIRI in accordance with organisational predetermined schedule
  2. Check work area to correctly identify unnecessary items in accordance with organisational checklist
  3. Label and segregate unnecessary items properly in work area in accordance with organisational procedures
  4. Clear all unnecessary items from work area and place them at designated location or holding area
  5. Dispose unnecessary items at designated location or holding area in accordance with organisational guidelines and procedures
  6. Conduct SEIRI in accordance with organisational safety and health guidelines

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