What can Microsoft Office be used for?

Microsoft Office is still widely used in the workplace today, in many different industries from services, production and manufacturing.

Simply put, Microsoft Office is at the core of most businesses.

Microsoft Excel organises data, allows for data sharing, and best of all, it is simple enough for anyone to use effectively.

Microsoft Word allows you to create professional-quality documents, reports and letters.

Microsoft Powerpoint allows users to easily create high quality presentations in a short amount of time.



Most jobs require some competency in digital skills.
This course aims to educate anyone who has a keen interest to contribute positively in their companies.

Join our 1-day course that covers all the important topics for Microsoft Office like:

✔ Introduction to what Microsoft Word and basic report writing
✔ Introduction to what Microsoft Excel and data formatting 
✔ Introduction to what Microsoft Powerpoint to make simple presentations for office use

Duration: 8 hrs

Fee: $250 before GST

Audience: All levels of employees in any company