Python Course Singapore – SkillsFuture funded (Company/Individual)

and Internationally recognised coding certification!


Course Title ICDL COMPUTING – Python Training
Course Reference Number CRS-N-0050557
Course Training Duration (hours) 16
Course Fees(before GST and any applicable funding) $450
Funding Validity Period 09 Sep 2019 to 08 Sep 2021

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Mode of Training Classroom Lecture

This course is also available as an online course, check our schedules for the upcoming dates

Course Objectives Introduces concepts and skills that are essential for anyone interested in developing basic coding and IT skills
Develops logic based problem solving skills that are useful for everyone.

ICDL Computing using Python

ICDL Computing using Python

This Python Course Singapore is a starting point enabling learners to appreciate computational thinking, and achieve an ability to develop systems and logic based thinking to daily life with Python training

ICDL-AAT-Training Hub-Python training

Adult learners attending our ICDL Computing course

We use Python as a starting point for learning and it’s suitable for entry level learners as a basic coding introduction

Python training

This module sets out essential concepts and skills relating to the use of computational thinking and coding to create simple computer programs.


Python training


  • Key skills and main concepts relating to computational thinking and coding.
  • Internationally recognised best practice in computational thinking and coding.
  • Introduces concepts and skills that are essential for anyone interested in developing IT skills.
  • Assists in developing generic problem solving skills that are useful for everyone.
  • Developed with input from subject matter experts and practising computing professionals from around the world.
    This process ensures the relevance and range of module content.

Refer to the ICDL Syllabus for more details here:

Why use Python?
Python has simple syntax(the language that make up the code) which makes it suitable for learning programming
as a first language and the learning curve is smoother than other languages(Java/C/C+)

The great thing is, after Python training, you can branch out to other languages at a faster pace!

Python training

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What comes after this course? This course is a baseline for you to join our Unity Software Developer course!

Anyone who wants to acquire basic skills in learning coding and computational thinking
Location: 672A Klang Lane, #01-97
Assessment: Written and Practical on 2nd day
Duration: 2 days (16hr)
Course Fee: $481.50 (incl GST) before funding
Course Language: English
Certification: Internationally recognised certificate by ICDL
Non-WSQ (Cat B funding)

Python Course Singapore