Why is Business Analysis important and how does it create value for the company?

B.A gives companies a foresight as the heartbeat of a company, that understands where it has been, where it is, and where it’s going. We have plenty of data, what how can we really use it to benefit our business? Many companies, big and small, use business analysis, but to know and use it as a science will tremendously benefit the company’s orientation to be future ready.

Why use Excel for Business Analysis?

Simply put, Excel is at the core of most businesses.
Excel organises data, allows for data sharing, and best of all, it is simple enough for anyone to use effectively

Program Outline

  • Cell Referencing & Data Consolidation

  • Working with the Text function

  • Managing Worksheet & Outlining Data

  • Tables & Data Validation

  • Working with Pivot Table for Data Analysis in Excel

  • Logical IF Statement for Business Analysis

  • Looking up data in a Business Transaction Table

  • Tracking Changes & Security to Worksheets

Duration: 8 hrs

All levels of administrative staff, including Planners,Purchasers,Analysts and Managers