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Dear Customers,
As part of COVID-19 prevention,
we need to check the entry date for participants who just arrived in Singapore (AWSHCS,AWSHMW and CSOC-R).
Those who have been given the stay at home(SHN) notice by MOH should not come to class.
Kindly bring along the participant passport for our verification as per below:
1)We need to check passport for entry date(you can also email/whatsapp this to us as proof)
2)Without passport, we seek your understanding that we cannot admit the student into class as a preventive measure
We are also doing daily cleaning and sanitization of our facilities,
including temperature checks.
Students who are unwell will be turned away. Thank you
Select Course Title
Apply Heavy Forklift Driving
Apply Workplace Safety & Health in Construction Sites
Apply Workplace Safety and Health in Metal Work
Basic English Course for Migrant Workers
Basic Traffic Control
CERT Refresher (RFIW-Tier 3)
Coding- Scratch Developer
Construction Safety Orientation Course(Recertification Assessment)-Afternoon
Construction Safety Orientation Course(Recertification Assessment)-Evening
Construction Safety Orientation Course(Recertification Assessment)-Morning
DGR Initial and Recurrent Category 4 and 5 (Logistics)
DGR Initial Category 1,2,3 and 6 (Shippers/Forwarders)
DGR Lithium Battery Handling Initial Category 1,2 and 3
DGR Recurrent Category 1,2,3 and 6 (Shippers/Forwarders)
Forklift Refresher
Formwork for Workers
IATA DGR Designated Postal Operator Course in Mail Handling- Category A, B & C
ICDL Computing
Managing Work at Heights
Operate Reach Truck
Work-at-Heights Workers
WSQ Respond to Fire Incident at the Workplace
WSQ Supervise Construction Work for WSH

Trainee’s contact details are required for SSG to reach trainees regarding the feedback or enquiries they submit.
It is also required to facilitate any investigation conducted by SSG.
In addition, any public agency or organisation in the course of acting on behalf of a public agency, are excluded from the application of the Data Protection Provisions as spelled out in the Personal Data Protection Act 2012, Section 4(1).
ATOs are required to ensure the strict confidentiality of all personal information obtained from trainees as per SkillsFuture Singapore (SSG)’s Terms and Conditions, except for disclosure to SSG as required.
The personal information (i.e. trainee’s education level, salary, etc) is necessary for SSG as part of its data collection for analysis on the continuing education and training landscape.