WSQ Forklift Course
(WDA Accredited)

This WDA accredited certificate for drivers transporting goods using forklift on Singapore roads.
Covers all technical and administrative functions of a forklift driver.
Effective and competitively priced course by experienced local trainers

was the 1st pioneering private forklift training provider in Singapore, and we now conduct WSQ forklift courses under the WSQ Manufactring framework.
With our extensive experience in this course, we give you training services that is of much higher quality.
To date we have trained more than 15,000 participants in the safe operations of the forklift!

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Course Outline

•CE 1- Prepare to carry out forklift operations 
•CE 2- Inspect forklift
•CE 3- Carry out forklift operations
•CE 4- Reinstate and hand over forklifts

All you need to know about Forklift course in Singapore

The forklift course in Singapore targets those who work in workshops, logistics, marine and warehouse.
It is a recommendation for forklift operators to have this course.
The course enables you to get hands-on training so as to meet the requirements of the industry.
Upon completion, you will become a professional in forklift driving.
There are several safety driving tips that you should keep in mind. Below are some of them.


  • The first thing that you should have before you think of driving these trucks is qualification.
  • You should ensure that you have the required training needed to operate this truck.
  • You should make sure that you put on the necessary clothing. The clothing should not be loose but well fitting.
  • It is also advisable that you check the equipment for damages before you start driving.
  • When refuelling the equipment, you should make sure that you do so in recommended locations.
  • At the end of the working day, you should check that you turn off the equipment.
  • You should also pack it in the right spot to avoid causing injury to other people.

​As a forklift operator, you should make sure that you put safety on top of your list.
There are a number of things that you should do to keep yourself safe and secure.


  • To prevent you from slipping off the equipment, you should check that your hands are dry.
  • You should also make sure that your shoes are appropriate for the job. It is also good that you slow down when you are driving in wet floors.
  • As a forklift operator, you are not supposed to carry any passengers.
  • The other safety tip that you should keep in mind is not to turn when you have an elevated load.
  • To avoid causing injury to yourself, do not jump off from the forklift.

You can enroll in the WSQ course which will take you 5 days to complete.This course is meant for those who do not have a Singapore driving license.
Alternatively, if you have a valid driving licence, you can attend the 3 day course instead WSQ forklift course.

The heavy forklift course takes four days and is meant for people of ages 20 to 60.
There is also a forklift refresher course that only takes one day. However, you will be required to have an approved forklift license.

If you want to be a forklift driver in Singapore, you must be prepared to follow the tips above.
They will come in handy to ensure that you succeed as a forklift operator.


Practice makes perfect and you will be able to master all the required safety tips when driving.
Pursue your dream of becoming a forklift driver by taking this course with us


Course Details


Target Audience

Warehouse/Logistics/Marine/Workshop staff of all levels and backgrounds

Course Duration

3 or 5 days


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